March 3, 2014

I Think I May Be On to Something.

As I was driving my girls to school today, I had a rush of ideas filling my head as to good topics to write about today.

I put my hand  upon the keyboard, I postions my fingers to proper letters but as soon as I move my fingers to form a sentence my mind draws a blank...not that the thoughts are gone, just the thoughts are muddled and I can't seem to make sense of what I want to say, though while driving in the car it all made sense, perfect sense.

I think the topics are good, the topics range from emotional masochism, to writing about why I feel I need to be controlled, to why I need to be controlled.

They seem to be good topics, they seem to be proper topics for this blog, yet I can not form a thought to convey the way I feel.

 Oh wait!!!I feel a topic coming it is gone, though I do know it was a good one, something on the lines of fighting with admitting I am submissive and admitting I need to be submissive to feel some sort of balance.


That may be the problem with my writing, I need to be submissive to wright as a submissive and well, it is hard to be submissive to a Dom who has no desire to dominate outside of the bedroom.

Ha! Lookie now!

I am feeling a good topic coming on, now I must ponder on it, and hopefully come back to write down my thoughts with more clarity.



  1. I always said I did my best writing and best posts when already laying down...I need a tape recorder for those moments!!

    I feel you on that!

    1. I have thought about doing the tape recorder thing as well. I had one but somehow lost it, kind of like my thoughts on good topics for posts lol