More Time with Sir

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Sir got to try the new toy out on me, quite a delightful thing indeed. It made me forget about the pain my nips were feeling... it made my pussy melt into it loving vibration. So much yummy at once...I did not want to come right away I just wanted to enjoy the sensation. But the little guy has quite the ump...and my clit...just. Could... not...hold...on... though Sir said there would be no Os for me, I asked anyway, and Sir gave me permission...was lovely, and made me melty. Sir was so kind as to let me have several Os. I am a lucky gal indeed.
After a few Os, Sir wanted to test my face-F is something I want to become better at, but falter due to the suffocating feeling and I cannot seem to get over it. Every time we try...I am good…then gag.. Choke…good, gag... choke.. Oh shit!!! Panic... I can't breathe.... thou I can, but the panic feeling sets in, and there goes flight or fight feeling. And I back off, scared of ether losing control...or hurting him due to where my mouth is...and teeth. I would never, ever bite him purposely but I fear I would on accident, and I am not the sadist in this relationship. I would be so utterly disappointed, so embarrassed if I accidentally did that. Which it has become a fear of mine, so I am less relaxed and thus panic when I feel that my jaw will clamp... which becomes a round-about and keeps getting in the way of something I will enjoy and Sir will enjoy.... "IF" I could get over the pettiness of my fear of losing control, and fear of something that won’t happen if I just relax. Sir is patient, I am thankful for that.

After that it gets fuzzy, as I am disappointed in myself for not being able to let go. We do end up in bed, me in his I love being in his arms, close as I can be right up ageist his body, breathing him in. This is the part of me I hate, when I get stuck in my head, stuck in my head instead of just being. I am in the arms of Sir, safe, sound, warm, but I have to be up in my head, instead of content with the just being. He is such a wonderful man and I want to give him the best of me....but I am realizing that I need to let something’s go, most of all being control. It is the stubborn control... the inner control, the ha ha, in me. It is the self-control that bites me in the ass. I am the poster child for the sayings “bite your nose off to spite your face". I hold on to needless ideas of what is, even if it means it will not benefit me in the end. Why? Simple because I can, and someone tells me I can't. I have a love-hate with that aspect of me, love it because it gives me a thrill, and hate it because it is an empty thrill. I have now acknowledged it out loud, now I will make the change for the best.

OK back to the fun...after a bit of cuddling, I get some one and one time with his cock and balls...I like my one and one time. I like to play with his cock and balls, they are fascinating...I have not been with a lover who has allowed me so much time with one’s private parts, so I maybe more fascinated than most. I do love to just discover him...we are new to each other and there is much to learn, I love that Sir allows me to take him in. Become more comfortable with all he is. I play down there for a bit, then am focused back up to Sir crawl on top, and begin to grind on him... feeling Sir in me...oh goodness he feels so good in me. Sir then rolls me over and begins to fuck me...and it feels wonderful. Sir then decides my other hole needs to feel him....oh la la... I purr like a kitten... I love anal, love the feeling. It takes me to other places, very different then vaginal. Sir is happy, I am happy, it is all good.

After some tender fucking, Sir Rolls over...and has me go down to his cock I clean him up, I suck and lick the tip, as Sir strokes his cock... I put my head on Sir tummy knowing he is close to coming, he orders me to the the warm sticky liquid squirts out of the tight hole, into my waiting squirted out with more power than I anticipated, and some dripped on Sir being the come slut I am could not let any go to waste so I licked all the yumminess up. I thanked Sir for the treat, laid my head on his tummy for a bit...letting myself sink into him for a little, then crawled up to his chest in his arms, and fell asleep. 

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