About Time For a Good Ass Fucking

This girl has been well fucked and it has been a long time cumming (pun intended). I had my second date with the guy who I feel has potential. Wow, he is good.

We started off chatting then having lunch and some more chatting (he has the cutest little short legged kitty cat, with such light blue eyes)   which lead us talking about relationships, sex and kink. Well you know where this is going.

We came back inside, he put away the leftover food, we started kissing... which lead to a little hair pulling, then a little harder hair pulling and well that just gets my juices going (somthing about one getting one's hair pulled, so yummy). We headed down to the basement.

A little more kissing then me, being me (because I can be aggressive when it comes to sex) straddled him and did the little lap dance wiggle. This of course got him worked up, and some more hair pulling making the kissing more aggressive.

He then pulled up my shirt, kissing my nipples, nibbling on my nipples, starting soft and working to a little harder. He then went to pinching and pulling, not too hard but enough to get me going; to wanting more. Then I started to go down on him; the eager little slut I can be, unbuttoning his pants and I took out his hard cock... Going down to his balls and licking up word to the tip of his cock, taking the tip into my mouth licking and sucking...then taking him down my throat.  I was working to get as much of him down as I could, little by little.

I played with him that way for a little, finely getting most of his hard cock down my throat ...to have him hold me down and thrust himself in me (I love that, I like when I start to see stars) then releasing his hands on my head  leaving me to catch my breath, and wanting to do it again. As I am taking brakes or licking him he is slapping my ass nice and hard; just the way I like it.

He ask me to take off my pants (it is that time though) he said “that is fine, seeing as I will just be slapping your ass, making it hot and red". I did happily, and then he got behind me and started slapping my ass. Next I feel a finger playing there, then two and OMG, I don't know what he did but he had me in absolute bliss begging for him to put his cock in my ass (Yes I am a anal slut, love it). He said "so you want my cock in your ass" and I said "Oooo yes please, please, please I want your cock in my ass" he obliged to my request.

He was very gentle with the first thrust in and out, and then went for it nice hard and rough. I was very happy and making all sorts of sounds that was incomprehensible to me, to him, to anyone that might be able to hear. He pulled out and starting playing with my hole, putting his fingers in, putting them in such a blissful place...I came, in a way I never have. Oh my, oh me it felt so good...then he worked my pussy a bit, and found another OMG spot... all I have to say is Wow, I was impressed to say the least.

Once again he started fucking my ass, so rough and deep; pulling my hair, making me head go back... taking a moment here and there to slap my ass. Then fucking my ass hard again, causing such a mix of pain and pleasure.

My time to go was heading close, so I needed for him to cum, for it would not be fair if he didn't and this girl loves to please. He fucked me nice and hard and came. I could feel him throbbing in my hole...how I love that feeling...love knowing he got off, and I had