Time with Sir

I got some time with Sir this weekend, and that made me a very happy girl indeed.

I headed over there Saturday evening, so very excited... got there and was greeted with Sir's very handsome smile and sweet kisses that bring me to my knees… the combo of smile and kisses is killer. His kisses led me to the couch for more wonderful deep kissing, which is good...because his kisses make me very weak and at times I think if he walks away too suddenly I will fall flat on my face. Funny as that would be, I would not feel very sexy lol

Kisses got me swept away to upstairs and to bed, clothes suddenly came off...his once before mine... I was proud that mine stayed on longer (does not happen, at all lol). We were left now naked and kissing... naked and kissing lead to discovery... discovery leads me to his wonderful cock. I love going down on him, I love the feeling of him , the look of him, the taste, the smell, the sounds that come from him... all of my senses taking him in.

I am enjoying Sir, enjoying as much as I can the wonders of his cock. Sir decides to make a game of it and gives me two minutes to make him come. I have not figured out how I can make Sir come via the blowjob... he set me up to fail, therefor I was not allowed to come. And when it comes to sex Sir knows how to bring me there...he is such a tease. Sir and I begin to have sex, and there were a couple of times I was worried I would come, but I held in there...my will is good. After we cuddled for a little...then seemed as if out of nowhere Sir says get dressed... we are going somewhere.

I did as I was told and got dressed, somewhat confused, usually we never make it out of his apartment. Or keep clothes on for long, the wonders of a new relationship.

We are dressed and headed out the door. I have no clue where we are going… which is fine I like surprises. We drive; he stops to get coffee and a milkshake. I am a bit nervous as he had talked about doing a couple of things so that was in the back of my head. As we are driving on the freeway he tells me where he is taking me. We are going to an adult toy store... I was excited.
We got to the store and looked around, looking at all the different toys… and uses. It was lots of fun...looked at some very soft looking floggers and other fetish friendly stuff, thou most of it being on the softer side of fetish. Sir wanted to see if they had a Hitachi wand, which they did not but had a product that was very similar so he ended up getting that. My little eyes got wide... I have never tried one of those...then I was thinking “Oh shit, Sir said no coming for me tonight" this could be a long torturous night.

Sir was not done with the shopping thou, there was something more he wanted to acquire... we stop at a craft store, which really got my mind going. Sir is very creative with his toys, very, very creative...which is fun trying to take a peek inside his head.

Next stop was another Adult toy store; this one catered more to the stripper. So it was much fun looking at the little out fits, and oh so high, high heels, also trying to figure the use of some of the get-ups. We headed back towards the toy section. This place had a much better fetish selection, the floggers and nipple clamps actually seemed that they could carry a punch. Sir went back and forth looking at the floggers...deciding on which on would best fit our needs. I had fun looking at all the neat little implements, and toys.

Sir decided on the winning flogger, and explained to me why he chooses it. I feel he took great joy in explaining to me why he chooses winning flogger. I got to spend the car ride back on thinking of all the things he could do to me.

We got back to his place...and this time clothes did not stay on long at all...in door… clothes off.

Sir get out new toys...has me go up to wall ...hands on wall, ass out. As I am standing there in position, Sir Gets out the rope, he sets a chair under me puts the rope on the chair.  He then goes upstairs to get old toys; my mind is spinning, not knowing what it is he is planning.

Sir comes back downstairs with old toys, he comes over to where I am... touches me softly, asks how I am doing. " I am fine" I say and I am... I am relaxed... I trust him, I know whatever he does I will end up loving it after I am done begging for Mercy.
Sir starts entangling the rope through the back of the chair, I see two little hooks, and wonder what he could possibly use those for. Soon enough I see what he has planned in his sadistic mind. He brings out the nipple clamps, and puts them on, then hooks the hooks on the rope attached to the chair to the clamps on my nipples... Ouch!! That is what came out of my mouth at that moment. He had quite the smirk on his handsome face... and I do adore his smirk as much as I do his smile, how easily both can make me very compliant.

Now I am all positioned, I am set up to Sir liking. Sir gets to play with his toy with his new toy...toy #1 is very excited to see how the flogger feels for I have never felt a flogger hit my skin, and was looking forward to finding out for myself.

Sir started out with teasing, gently whipping the flogger ageist my skin, on my back, my ass, my thighs and ticking it on my pussy... how tantalizing...how gentle and teasing the tassels on the flogger were. Making me wet, but I knew... I know better... Sir would show me the darker side of the flogger...and as the thought crossed my head, I felt the prickle of the floggers tassels fall on my back side, and then my shoulders, my thighs back to my ass. Then hard on the upper part of my ass, that spot is super sensitive and that caught my attention. I was awake...and ready for the next downfalls. Sir then went soft and gentile (tease) and I grew comfortable again... Bam!!!  On my bum... and a yelp or some kind of profanity that I can't recall, I feel as I should not be held responsible for anything that might come out of my mouth during a beating (I mean that as a term of endearment, being a loving beating. I am a loss of words as to what else to call it).
I once again was awake, and alert.
Bam! Swat! Tickle! Slap!  So many incomprehensible...
words of nothing coming out of my mouth,
pleasure, pain intertwining with emptying of thoughts...
drifting and escaping,
being brought back by Sir...
must meet eyes, eye contact
Yes Sir!! I am here...
No Sir!! No one is there...
just you and I,
pleasure and pain.      

Yep!! That is what I thought of the flogger... I must say I am a fan, I think Sir is to. I would say flogger was a good investment, and I will be having many a wet dream till we meet again.

But for good measure he had brought down this miserable stick thingy, it hurts... I mean really hurts but leaves behind the good after bite I so crave. I can’t always get my "loving beating" so having a lingering after bite gives me tremendous pleasure. Also keeps me in submissive mind in between meetings... if that makes any sense.

Miserable stick thingy was implemented in with the lovely flogger, with its pleasure pain....drifty...dreamy and occasional brakes to remind me of the nipple clamps, hook to the rope that was tied to the chair. Which the flogger made me forget about, and surely I was dancing about...as the clamps were being pulled as my lovely Sir made sure they would do, knowing that I would move, and wiggle...to get away from such pain and move in to so much pleasure... for mind and body are not yet on the same page. 

And again Sir being the tease he is... decided to tease me with his cock…knowing that once he puts it in to my anticipating, and oh so very wet pussy, as soon as he pulls the slightest bit away that my ass will wiggle and scoot to meet up again with the delight that has cock causes me. This in turn pulls my nipples away from the comfort which they just seek a moment before. Yes Sir is a sadistic tease... which I say in the loving of ways, for I would not have Sir any other way.

All good play must come to an end, and nipples must find freedom...I must say that removing clamps hurts me a lot...but oddly this time not at all, too much sensation going through my mind to even add nipple pain into the equation.

And with all good play coming to an end, new play begins... still have a toy to test out, and an old toy that needs to be teased some more lol  But I am all written out for the night, tomorrow I will end the tale of the Sir who loved to tease his Sub.

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