Getting Lost and Fucked....That Is Fucked In a Good Way

I am in a good place, it feels nice...and I am enjoying the ride.

I met the one guy I have been talking to for a month on fet. We met in his neighborhood...I am a suburban, he  lives in t the city. A little trendy neighborhood, with wonderful little family owned restaurants,  shops and coffee houses.

I don't like driving in the city, I get lost in the burbs easy enough, ...put me in the city, I can be lost for hours, and that is what happened. I was lost on the west side, the east side, downtown, the industrial areas. I ended up  on several highways, byways, yourway, get it.

Now me thinking I am clever, decided to work my way down from 25th to 14th street...seemed smart at the time. So I found 24th, 23, 22, skip a few...16th, 15, but  14th disappeared, to be found nowhere, only a valley and a bridge. So one goes to the valley,  nothing there but 14th street...I was starting to think it an enigma, somehow pieces needed to be gathered to get to this mysterious 14th street.

Finely, as I was driving past one of the many freeways I saw a sign, a piece to the puzzle...14th street did exist. I found it. It took me 2hrs to get there, it should of took me 30 to 45 minutes tops. Now I could've given up with the fear that he would not be there but I was determined on solving the mystery of the missing 14th street, not caring if he was there, or not.

Luckily he was still there, not like it was a hard area to wait at. A park across the street, a friendly coffee house on the corner.

We walked around the central park, not knowing what to say...I mean what do you say? We said it all in the emails back and forth. He ask me what I wanted to do, I said " I feel comfortable enough, to go back to your place" and that is what we did. Such a beautiful day for a walk.

We got to his house, I went pee (I know tmi), then we talked about what we both wanted to happen, to be on the same page. We confirmed the safe words, and headed upstairs.

I was to be collared and leashed, then led. He put the collar around my neck, it was way too big...I am very petite and I don't think he was prepared for that. But nonetheless, we dealt with it. I was led around by him, first with clothes on...then clothes off.

Not sure I liked it, but there was a disconnect for me. More of a Top/bottom feel, which I did like but it does make it harder to do the more degrading stuff. We did that a few time around, led up down stairs then up. Another round his dining room table. Then a stop and some play. He took a flat paint stick and whacked my bottom a few times. He then began to play with my arse, touching, pinching and kissing...slowly down to my hole and licking. Flicking his tongue around working his way to my pussy and up again. I felt a bit spoiled but was not complaining one little bit, got like a man who love arse's.

I was lead around once again  then stopping again for some play. Each time he stopped a new toy was introduced, then his cock was introduced, him sliding it into my very wet pussy. Just teasing me, good god I hate to be teased, but at the same time love it.

One of his main kinks is anal, and anyone who regularly reads my blog knows I love, love anal. He first started using different toys in my arse, getting to a butt plug and leading me so he could get a good look at my arse filled up.

I wanted his cock in there, for me nothing compares to the feel of a man in my arse. Yet he is a tease, and I was not yet to have that. I was told I needed to earn it, so down to his cock to suck on, choke, and clean my juices off. I loved it...

He gave me another paddle, whomp...I was a bit stoic, he was a bit too gentle on me. Later he said that he was worried that I could not take as much because of my size. Good god, I so hate when men assume you are a wimp because you are petite. Us little girls are spitfires, who can be pretty hardy. Though I could've
 asked for harder, but my unfamiliarity held me back.

After that, seeing as I was in a great position, with head down ass up...there was some more toys stuck up my tight little arse. And finally his cock, at first gentil but as time grew he
got more aggressive. I feed off of aggressive like a mosquito feeds on blood. It brings out the wanton in me.

Eventually I ended up on the table hands restrained, arse brought to the edge for some more play. A viberator on my pussy, on my clit...girly was in heaven...eyes closed just enjoy the sensations.

Then he was back in my arse, fucking me hard, then soft, then teasing knowing I could not back my ass up to get it where I wanted it. He seemed to enjoy that very much, in my own way I did to.

But as all good things, it had to end. Unfortunately for him he was left hanging...I am always the better tease.

He may or may not get another play date with me, I have not quite decided yet. My subbie and vixen are having quite the conflict. We shall see who wins.

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