Pain Slut Returns

Disclaimer, this story is fictional. Purely the imagination of the author. This story is also sexually explicit, and has degrading aspects to it. So sensitive viewer take warning


    She stands before me, Sir tell me kneel before her, I look down Sir tells me to look up at her. I look up at her, she smiles mischievously. She knows what is in store for me. He come up from behind... pulls my head back by my hair, he spits in my face. Tells me I am bad and  need to be more kind to our guest, to be more respectful. Sir pushes my head into her pussy, orders me to lick. I obey... I feel bad that I have disappointed him, I did not mean to be disrespectful. Sir asks me how she taste, I tell him she taste good. Sir asks her if she is happy with how I lick her. She nodes, and says I did OK. He tells me to do better, to lick her longer and with more passion. And that is what I did...trying hard to please her, to please him.
    I am licking her pussy as Sir is  tying my hands behind my back. He pulls me back, I almost fall to the ground...but catch myself. She backs away, and goes and sits on the couch... he approach me, pull me into him. I can feel his hardness against my face. He rubs me against him...  Sir tells me to beg her, for her to hit my tender breast. I go to her on my knees and beg her, plead with her to slap my tits, she takes 6 good slaps to one and 6 good slaps to the other...pulling my nipples after, pulling my nipples hard as I cry out in pain. I stand there in wonder to what it is I want, my eagerness is to please... the pain is my glory.

    She goes for another round. Sir sits and watches amused by how well she is abusing me. I am in such pain, I drift... I go far away. Sir takes over...and slap my pussy so hard, I came back immediately. The change in sensation shocks me back to reality. I look up at him, somewhat confused by the change of faces...then another hard slap to my pussy... followed quickly by another, and another. My pussy is burning, my tits are burning, my nipples are on fire. I am still. Sir goes over to her, he kisses her...and begin to fondle her, touching her breast gently, kissing her nipples. Sir hands find her pussy, he began to stroke her down there gentle but with enough pressure to make her moan. I am still. I watch... I am fascinated, she is stunning. I am turned on by watching the two, her and him. The two, waiting, horny... and me watching.  
   She goes down on him. Sir is enjoying the feeling of her lips wrapped around his cock...he beckon me to come to him, I crawl to him on my knees as my hands are tied, I look up at him. Without warning Sir slaps me, I am slightly shocked... not surprised just shocked. My eyes close awaiting the next one...then I feel something warm and wet on my face, as I open my eyes and realize he spit on me, Sir takes his hand and rub it in my face...grinning down at me. She moves away from his cock, and Sir pulls my hair hard towards his cock, orders me to open my mouth wide. To stay still as he insert his cock into my mouth. She pushes me into him... i have nowhere to go, he thrusts himself into my mouth. First thrust are slow and deliberate but that ended quickly... and became faster, harder. Then he stop and she shoves me into you so your cock is deep down my throat, I gag, I choke, I feel my mouth getting wetter, feel the drool dripping out of the sides of my mouth as she slowly pulled me off of him.    

     I'm so wet, my eyes are big and wide.. I want more! I beg him for more, I plead w/ him. Sir tell me "No, you have been a bad slut today!"  She begins to suck on him, I am permitted to kneel at his feet as she takes care of him. I do not like this, I want to have Sir back in my mouth, to feel his thrust, to feel his balls against my face, with his cock in my mouth, and her holding me down. But I will have to kneel and hope he gives me a turn. She ask his permission for me to suck on her nipples, Sir says I must beg her, I get up and beg... she allows me...I take her nipples in my mouth and she is enjoying the she is sucking on him. Sir grows bored with the setup... orders her to the couch with her legs spread. I am to spit on her pussy, to lubricate it. Sir begin to fuck her, he fucks her hard I am on the floor, eyes down. He is not happy with my not watching he order me to watch, to keep my eyes on the him and her. Sir tells me that I don't deserve to be fuck like she does. He tells me how good it feels to be in her... how tight she perfectly she moves on top of him. I just sit there wanting to feel him inside me. 
   Sir keep on fucking her, she is screaming, and begging him for more... she begins to come, and come. He pulls out, and order me to make her come again. I do as I am told, licking her, sucking on her clit till she can not bare it anymore.. i feel her pussy pulsate around my mouth. I stop, even though he told me not to... he shoves me back into her. I keep doing what I was doing before...he begins to slap my ass hard. He then gets out the paddle and hits my ass even harder. I can feel the sting with each slap I want to move to get out of the way of the pain but I can't. I want to yelp out but I am pushed into her pussy, unable to move because he has not given me permission. It is so hard but I don't want to disappoint him as I have done before. The hits are harder each time...Sir is telling me what a bad pain slut I am, that I need to learn to take it better. She is telling him that I am horrible at licking you hit me even harder, ordering me to spread my legs more. You then start on my pussy...hitting it, flicking my clit...rubbing it hard and rough. It hurts so bad, that I stop what I am doing to her...I yelp out, I am trying to fight against the abuse to my pussy. Trying hard to get away. She wraps her legs around me, to hold me.. so I can not move. I can't get away, my head is deep between her legs I am unable to yelp or beg him to stop. Oh god does it hurt, as he works between my ass and pussy. She is egging Sir on... telling him what a dirty minded cheap whore I was. I was feeling a little angry, at him, at her...I wanted to drift away but her legs wrapped around me was making it hard to breath. She suddenly released me... i shot up quickly and gasped deeply for air.

     He was upset at her for releasing me, did she get the punishment  "NO!!" he pulled me down...looking me right in the eyes, and told me to stay still, or it will be even worse. I obeyed the best i could... but it was hard not to move around, to wiggle to try to free myself. She was laughing at how I was acting. She was laughing at how silly my yelps sounded. After each slap he made me apologize to her for not making her come, for her realising me... somehow that ended up to be my fault. I apologize to her over and over saying " I am sorry, for not making you come, for you releasing me... sorry I disappointed you" and "I will be better next time". Sir suddenly stopped...I was so relieved... every thing burning down below. So much pain and Wow!! how wet I was... how horny I was. But I was to get no release. He began to fuck her again...coming closer to climax he pulled out of her coming all over my face. I was ordered to stay there, to stay still where I was at. They went up to shower. I was left alone to feel Sirs come all over my face and the taste of hers in my mouth. To feel the burning on my ass, and the ache on my pussy. I drifted... into a world of lost thoughts


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