The End of My Time with Sir

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I awoke to Sirs gentle touches, and teasing my pussy with his fingers, getting me nice and wet... sliding his cock in my wetness, wrapping his arms around me..... Then teasing my very tender nipples, I squirmed form the pain, the lovely pain. He pulled out of me and laid back. I was ordered to clean my come off of his cock, to work on the tender cock head, then the shaft...and to his balls tenderly licking cleaning all my come off of him, making sure I got every spot nice and clean.

We went downstairs and had some coffee, watch a little TV...cuddled. Nice and relaxed...then started I rubbing Sirs cock...he started to play with my utterly very sore tits and nipples. I yelped out "ouch" Oh my they were so sore, he went and got the flogger, looking at me, and my breast, back at me, with the flogger in hand. In the back of my head I was thinking Oh Fuck... I don't think they could take any more. Lucky me Sir gave me a choice or an ultimatum...he would leave tits and nips alone if I would offer up something else.

Sly me says "my ass will work Sir" not good enough....he wanted something more, but what…I grew quiet. "Slut what else?" he asked. I was hesitant, I knew what he wanted but I was hoping if I avoided, or played like I did not know he would leave it. I should know better, but I am learning. Again he asked more stern this time "What else" I meekly said "my pussy as well Sir".  Bing! Bing! Right answer!!   

 Well I guess I wiggle too much or close my legs when he goes to slap my pussy... or my thighs. So Sir tied my legs down, and then ordered me to try to get out. He mockingly asked “where are you going slut?"  I muttered “looks like nowhere Sir" I was stuck; legs were not going to budge.

He started with the flogger, slowly and teasing... then whack! Whack! Whack! On my bum, which was still sore from the night before, then whack? Whack! On my thighs...which I yelped out an "ouch" and a "oh fuck that hurts". "Oh does that hurt slut?" he asked, and I said "yes it does Sir" breathlessly.

 He switched it up with a little with a few whacks on my back, which actually felt kind of good, then a tease with the tassels. Then right to my pussy, first a tease, then a few whacks on my bum...then "oh fuck", "good god, fuck, fuck," trying to close my legs, which was not going to happen.. I am sure he was satisfied. I could picture his grin.

He gave me some time to catch my breath, and somewhere in my daze I was put on my back...still exposed and tied down.

Well the night before when we were driving in the car, we made a wager of sorts... more so me opening my mouth and bragging about how well I can control "Not" having an orgasm... no matter the stimuli.. Sir accepted the challenge...thou not so sure I was making it a challenge...but what can I say, he is my Dom.

Sir got out our new toy, the yummy vibrating, pleasure causing thingy.

 I like proving myself; I pride myself on doing as I say. So if I say I will not orgasm no matter the stimuli. Well I plan on doing just that.

Sir turns on the wonderful, vibrating thingy...puts it up to my pussy and turns it on, slow at first... feeling good... a little faster..ohh...but I have to prove myself...I am not allowed to let myself enjoy. He asks " would you like to orgasm", I smirk, I cannot help myself...I take pride in my control (yes lesson will be learned, soon) I respond with " nope Sir" " I am good" Sir smirks back and turns on a football game. He moves lovely thingy around my pussy, the sensation is so yummy... oh god... I wanted to just let go, but was not going to happen.... I mockingly say "how long do you think you can hold on to that Sir?" he shows me, I was schooled.

Sir leaves it for a little between my legs, vibrating goodness. I am thinking to myself…I say to self "I think you are kind of cheating yourself, you could be having a wonderful orgasm, a couple... just give in to the urge" I say back to self "I will not give in, I will not give up" then I start thinking deeper...I can keep going and wait till last minute then come, I would still have proven my point...but have a O also. Win/Win right. Sir comes back and starts moving it in such delightful ways... I was thinking "again" I can allow myself to come close...just as long as I don't come. So I decided to enjoy as much as I could without coming.

Sir decided to change it up…my stubbornness was not going to win. Off went the sweet sensation maker, my pussy throbbing form so much stimulation...wet with anticipation. Sir left for a sec, came back with the flogger, and whack!! On my thigh, whack! The other... then whack! Whack! Whack! On my already throbbing pussy...My eyes were wide and alert; he got my attention for sure... I looked away, trying to escape from the pain that was torturing my poor pussy. Sir ordered me to look at him, he said “too bad you did not come, i was going to fuck you" " you would of like that, right?" I yelp “yes sir, yes I would of". Whack! Whack! Sir asked “would you like me to stop?" me "Yes Sir Please Sir". “What are you going to do" me "hmm".... "You’re going to come, right?" sir asked..."Yes Sir, yes, yes I will come".

He turned back on the yummy thingy, moving it around on my throbbing, wet pussy... oh Wow! It felt so good. I was trying to relax into it... easing my mind, turning off the little voice, saying "you can still win" I looked at Sir and told little voice to "be quite" and eased into a very nice O, and Sir let me have another and I think one more.. I got a little fuzzy.

I was then left alone as Sir went in the kitchen. I was relaxed, at ease... listing to him move about in the kitchen. He came back in to me, stroking my hair, my back, making sure I was good. I was a little sulky, upset that I gave in...But realizing I need to give up some more of my control. (seeing as some of it is self-defeating, OK more than I would like to admit)

Again Sir was going to show me my place. I was to be humbled and used, became his lunch table.. I tend to escape during this practice. Go off into my own fun, amusing world...but lunch plat was hot, not scolding but hot enough to be a constant reminder, to keep me there. And as soon as I found comfort he moved it, I have no idea if he was aware of this, or just happened that way, anyhow... it worked, and I felt used and in my place as his sub.

He finished his lunch, and got out the flogger... working my bum slowly, and a few hard whacks, working up my back, my thighs, my pussy...for some reason I was having a very hard time escaping, I was focused on the pain.... he would ask how I was doing, and I would say "fine Sir"...My butt was hot, burning... on fire.. a mix of good and bad. Then I started to get comfortable… easing into the pain. Damn if he did not bring out that dreaded stick thingy, it hurts... but I like the marks, silly as that sounds but it reminds me of who I belong to, and that mean old stick thingy leaves some good lasting marks. So I take it, I yelp, I wiggle as much as I can, put a cover over my head.... pant. Then done, back to some good flogging, drifty, dreaming floating.....Whack!! Back... "Awake Sir" mean old thingy.

Done, Sir makes sure I am Ok; he frees me from my bondage. Sits down on the couch to watch the rest of the game, I stay still…catching my breath and thoughts on the ottoman. Sir has me come to him, puts me on his lap, and stretches out putting his feet and legs on the ottoman. I lie on him, close as we can get, he covers us up, and we watch the game. How I love to be in his arms, so safe, so content.

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