September 27, 2013

Birthday Spanking

I hate missing him, but at the same time it gives me time to think, but again it gives me too much time to think.

My birthday was earlier this week and he took time off from his busy schedule to spend the morning and day with me. It was nice just lying in bed with him cuddling and talking. I swear I could lay in his arms all day, and all night long.

I got a much needed spanking with hand and belt...he is a fierce sadist. Usually he gets to the point, not much of a warm up. This time he started off with more gentle, erotic smacks on my bottom, working it to a bit harder, yet still erotic. It was nice, I liked the change of pace.

But he knows what I crave most, and that is a good hard spanking, and better yet...the sting of his leather belt across my bottom, thighs and back. He has just recently added my back as a spot to sting, and takes an easy there. But my ass has no boundaries, he is merciless and loves to hit my hips and upper bottom, and let me tell you it stings and throbs unbelievably, where I have called red, but at the same time I love it; in an odd sort of way that only a masochist understands .

After that I went down on him, and we fuck a little, with him implementing some hard slaps to my already sore bottom...that was much needed as well. And we ended that with some more cuddles, conversation and a little nap.   

We were talking of doing lunch, and where we were going to go. But I needed more pain to my bottom, I was craving it so much. I have not wanted it this hard in a while. He happily obliged to my request, and no warm ups this time. He just went straight to the point, loving that I wanted it so bad.He got me to the point where I thought I could not take any more. But I did not yet received my birthday spanking...38 more to go and at the end he added a bonus...oh fuck that man always makes the last one the hardest.

My bum was hot, welted and to lunch we go Sitting was pleasantly uncomfortable, making me a very happy birthday girl. And lunch was fantastic, I could not ask for a better way to spend my birthday, or a better person to spend it with.      


  1. Hi,

    So pleased to read that you had a nice birthday complete with what you really wanted and needed. I also feel very happy for you after reading your comment about finding a new Dom. Just take it slow. I understand it is hard to trust again when you have been disappointed. But in time I am confident that your new Dom will gain your trust if he earns it and after all that is how it should be. Enjoyed reading the new posts. Take care and be well.


    1. Thank you L and thank you for your advice it is much appreciated.