The Sadist and I.... part two

I feel it has been long enough since I have been with sir, and my creative sexy juices have been a notta.. so why not bring a little old reality with a creative touch out. So I am going to write my experiences with him, Called *drum roll* The Sadist and I... not like you all did not get that from the title. lol My try at bringing the sexy back.  

Part One Here

I met the Sadist again, a different day, a different story.

The second meeting did not start out as intense as the first...but surely worked its way to be something to remember. He started off slow, putting some household implements on the table, teasing me, making me think. Thinking of what he had in store for me. I was not worried; I was ready for anything, ready for the pain and abuse, that only my sadist could provide for me.

He looked me over, making sure I fit his expectations. I worried I met the Sadist again, a different day, a different story. I would disappoint the sadist, worried I would not be good enough to play with. I did pass his first test, but he wanted to see what else I would do, see how willing I was to please him.

I undressed the teasing sadist, slow taking each article of clothing off one by one and folded each as ordered. I took off one shoe at a time, one sock at a time kissing his feet before I went to put his shoes in the appropriate place. As I was doing that my lowered dress was to stay on my hips without it falling to the ground.

The sadist then had me remove my dress, get down on my knees and worship his cock.  I was putting my face into him. Licking him, licking his balls, pleasing him the best I could.

Then the evil sadist not happy with the cock worship had me bend over the dresser and took a brush from his household implements and begun to swat my soft ass. Each swing harder than the last, him looking at me in the mirror, seeing my face, seeing the pain he is causing me. With each lash he leans against me so I can feel how hard he is getting; that excites me...making me want to take more.... and more. that man liked to tease little sweet me, knowing just what to do, to make me wet, to make me his to use and abuse as he pleased to do.

He had me go up against the wall, putting my head hard against it. The Sadist ordered me to open my mouth, nice and wide. And that sadist with a smile on his face and the glint in his eyes took his cock shoving it in my wanton mouth, shoving it deep down my throat making me gag, making drool run out of the side of my mouth. That cruel man looks down at me so proud of the fact that he could do just that. And that pleased me so.

I was ordered back into position to take a little more ass beating, a swat, a slash, a thump, a thud upon my sweet little ass. There was such sweetness to every hit. The mean sadists bringing the swat, slash, thump, and thud down to my back and my thighs. So sensitive I was, so I let out a slight "ouch!" a little "fuck that hurts!" but he carried on with his task of bruising my soft ass. Oh how I liked, how I liked that he pushed on.

After the hard ass beating, after so much soreness, he pulled her to the floor taking her from behind fucking her hard, making her moan... calling her "slut" and "dirty whore" asking her how much she liked it...she had no words to describe the feelings she was feeling inside.

He, the sadist being what he was, what he is...had little mercy in what he did to his little and willing slut. He knew she would do what he asked of her...In her ass "yes please Sir" said she. A slap in the face "thank you sir" she said with a slight smirk on her face. How she loved his cruelness, how disconnected but so attuned to her, to her needs and darkest of desires.

Now it was time for me to be brought to my knees to please him, the sadist you see wanted a little fun. He wanted to take me into him to lick his ass hole, to take his dick into her mouth to go down deep, to have that evil man hold her head down as she choked and gagged; him letting her up just in time to catch her breath.

You know that sadist is clever, clever indeed; next time she went down he wrapped his legs around her head holding her tight, slapping her on her already very sore ass, making her weak, weak and even in more need... more in need to please his wicked desire, feed his need.

The sadist had more in mind; more cruel things to do to her...more things that would make her know who was in charge. Without a doubt she would know for sure. 

I could only imagine what was going through his sadistic mind as he brought me into the bathroom, started running the water. He had me go in and kneel before him.  Oh that sadistic man had me look up at him as he begun to pee all over her...his piss running down her face into her mouth. He then ordered her to open wide and pissed in her mouth. She doing as he asked, as he pleased. She liked feeling his control over her. She enjoyed how cruel, how mean he could be. But most of all she loved that sadistic smile he would give. His smile was her reward for a job well done, for her being such a good and obeying girl.
After her humiliation, after making her feel completely owned the sadist took her head down into the water holding her there for a moment. He allowing her to breath and taking her back down. But as cruel as he could be, he also had a tender side, he took her in his arms had her lay against his chest and slowly rinse her of his pee.

Little ole me took a shower so I could be clean for he, the sadist who was not quite done with me.

I came to the bed where he laid, straddled him so he could play. He started out with a slap on one tit, than to the other, getting harder with each slap and moving quicker. That sadist, so deviant is he; with a gleam in his eyes, he pulled on my hard nipple, he pulled with such force that she cringed in silent agony. But as you all should know by now, that would not satisfy the sadistic desire that lay deep in the devious mind of the beautiful sadist. 

So I was told to lean back as he held tight to my tender nipples... stretching and pulling, hurting and stinging...she yelping and reconsidering, then he pulled her up, still pinching her nipples, still twisting her nipples but just being free from the pulling of her tits, gave her such relief and then, just then she looked into the sadist eyes and saw that gleam she so adored. That smile gleaming up at her...oh she knew she could do so much more.

He released to just grab on again and ask her quite politely to lean back once again...she obeyed like a good girl should. She leaned on back, and back a little further. Such pain, such pain... throbbing and stinging pain. But she was not going to give in, she was not going to give up...she trooped on and bagged for more. He the sadist was pleased, he liked her begging for more pain...she begged Ooo did she beg. Every Time he pulled her up, and she looked into his eyes as he was looking into hers; she knew right then and there that she wanted even more. She will and did endure...with a smile on her face.

Well, well the story must end...for it cannot carry on much longer. So the two... the sadist and I had to part ways till next time.  

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