The Sadist and..... I part one

I feel it has been long enough since I have been with sir, and my creative sexy juices have been a notta.. so why not bring a little old reality with a creative touch out. So I am going to write my experiences with him, Called *drum roll* The Sadist and I... not like you all did not get that from the title. lol My try at bringing the sexy back.  

How I  miss the Sadist, I miss his cruelty, how deliciously mean....wonderfully brutal was he.

I adored the Sadist, the darkness behind his eyes...the evil grin, the wicked smile, with every smack, pull, slap. The fierceness in what he would take me, drag me, cause me such utter pain... me hating and wanting more all wrapped up in one.

The Sadist seemed to come out as soon as he laid eyes on me, with suddenness and ferocity, so easy to lead, so easy to feed my need.

The wantonness was clear, so easy to read with me. There was no questioning where this was going to lead. The Sadist and I found a spot to play, to allow me to bend at his will, to bring me to my knees eager to please.

He took me quick, knew just what to do ...pulling my hair hard leading me to my knees. I was more than eager to unzip his pants, to get them off to take his hardness into my mouth. Then I was to feel his hands push me down to take more, more than I could handle. Leaving me to choke and gag, drool running down my face, but that lovely, beautiful Sadist did not stop. No not he, he just look down to see what a disgrace he made of me. His smile wicked, his eyes darken with glee. I left more wanton then before we started this game.

Oh that Sadist was so mean, making me keep the promise of kissing his feet, but no that was not good enough for the Sadist you see, he wanted me to lick...each and every toe as he was joyfully looking down on me. Ooo....his curtly made me wet, made me need...needing for him to feed me.

Now see that wonderful Sadist he did not ask at first, he just took what he needed, and I, myself did not mind. I liked that he took, and wanted him to take more of me. But I obliged with words though he already knew I said it with my eyes as soon as his met mine.

Oh so wicked as I like, he took me for a ride...legs spread, hands on my head, no panties were allowed for what lied in between was no longer mine but was his to do as he pleased. He started with a small slap across my thigh, with each that followed became harder, and quick. With each slap I became wetter with need.

Now don't get me wrong, each slap hurt like a bitch. Each and every hit stung like a hundred bees upon my inner thigh, hurting and burning. How I so wanted to cry, how I wanted him to stop, but one look at the pure enjoyment on his face was enough to make me bare it, to long for more.

A Street light overhead, dear Sadist stopped to take a look at his new found tits, to pull his new plump nipples to see his new found toy wiggle in the seat. Hands still upon her head, being as good as she can be. Her thigh burning, her wanting to scream...whack and slap, "now count slut how many more can you take?" "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" , "oh what a good toy, a good girl you are for me" How I melted knowing I pleased that dear Sadist, the Saddest for me.

That Sadist had no mercy you see, he kept on at me... talking a moment here and there, to feel how warm he left my thigh, how wet he left my pussy. Oooo a shameful girls I am indeed...I was so wet with need.

Now the Sadist was proud, proud thigh was beyond burning, warm went to hot, and I was hot with need. That kind Sadist, told dear little me to feel the heat... Oh my cruel, cruel Sadist left me with a treat. I was black and blue...maybe some shades of purple, and fire engine red. I was a very good girl indeed.

The Sadist lost his way, silly Sadist...but that would not stop him from his cruelty, a few more slaps on the thigh; oh but no, that was not good enough, that was not good enough for he. No the Sadist wanted my pussy, that wetness between my legs. "Open wide your pretty thighs toy, bring my pussy to me" said he.
Of course like a good little toy I obliged spreading my legs wide. Ooo.. I did not know what was in store for me. One hard slap on the softness of my delicate pussy, legs closed automatically only to be told to spread again. I looked in the Sadist eyes and obeyed, did what he asked of me....1,2,3,4,5,6,7 "YELLOW!!” Sadists stopped, but only after adding 8,9, but I was not pleased with me, I could not bear to go to 10. What a naughty toy, bad, bad me. But Sadist was not upset, you see.

We made it back to our place to play. What a torturous Sadist I had...but to my surprise he felt bad for the beautifully done art he left on my thigh, what wonderful shads said I. No need to feel bad, I am proud to wear what you work so hard to achieve. So that kind Sadist was pleased, and ready to be wonderfully, deliciously mean too little ole-me.

Now things get a little fuzzy, here and there...back and forth as he played with me, smiling at how easy he could humiliate me. A hard cock stuck in my mouth, him thrusting in and out... not allowing me to brake free. His little toy gagged, and drool came running out of her mouth. Little whore, quit a treat to see. The Sadist was pleased, he had me look up to see, to see the slobber on my pretty face, Oh what a disgrace. Such a disgrace was me.

The Sadist had such fun with me, his little slutty toy... so willing to please. "Crawl to me filthy whore, drag your body across the floor", "I want you to feel the roughness open your nipples...crawl, crawl to me" said he.   

I crawled to please, though not with ease. I made it to his feet, to kiss and adore warship his feet, to lick and suck each toe, to look up at that Sadist, and to see his look of glee... How willing I was to please, to be his toy, to use, to fit his need; his need to be cruel to me. How I adored that cruelness, that darkness within he. How I wanted to see more, I wanted with need.

The Sadist ordered me to bed, the Sadist wanted to fuck me, wanted to feel the wet pussy to see if it would be good enough for he. The Sadist then wanted to feel the tightness of my tiny back hole. Wanted to forcefully put his hardness inside, to feel how tight it would wrap around his cock... Oooo how happy was I. How I love that feeling of my little asshole to be stretched and fucked with brutality. I, little me, little slut moaned with pure ecstasy. Now the Sadist pulling my hair, using it as a grip... as he pushed into me... fast and hard than slow and deep.

Me, being me, me being mean to me... did not make the Sadist happy with me, how quickly he put me in place...without a warning dragged me to the toilet and threaten me. My first correction you see...but I am a bit twisted, a bit outside the ordinary, I loved to be treated with such force, loved to be put in my place, it gave me a sick satisfaction from some kind of sadistic reaction.
The delicious Sadist was wearing down, so the little sweet toy came around. He held his toy, creasing her sweetly, putting her at ease. Touching her pretty soft face...but the slut was on guard, she flinched with his soft caress... Oooo the Sadist saw his opportunity SLAP!! Across that sweet innocent face, she  was stunned but pleasantly. See that girl is twisted she loves to be corrected and put in her place. And most of all the look on that Sadist face, so pleased with his cruelty

Tis getting late, Sadist was tired but not quite done with his toy; she was to lie by Sadist cock, to put the sweet tip in her mouth. While that cruel, cruel Sadist fell asleep...but toy is cleaver, she will wait it out... knowing sooner than soon he would grow tired of her little mouth around his cock head. And toy was right. It was time for good night. Toy crawled under the covers; put her head on the Sadist chest to fall asleep, and this is where the story ends.  

The Sadist and I...part two here   

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