February 21, 2014

Delete and Re... delete

I am pissed at myself! I just have to play around with stuff, try to see what goes where,  how to do this, how to do that, delete and repeat; thinking maybe I can get it all back if I just un do what I just did....well it is not that simple at least that is what I learned.


I was going through my pics on my google profile, I did not want anything risky to go on my page, so I deleted the pictures from this blog and realizing by deleting the pictures that they would all go off my blog, so I undid what I did, thinking that they would all magically reappear, they did not...no luck, and the shit and giggles part is that I just noticed yesterday, and well  I deleted and undeleted the pictures weeks ago....and no I am not blond. It seems curiosity got the best of me.


I have to go through all my post, I have erase all the little minus signs (the minus signs make me nuts), and delete all post that had just pictures because I am too lazy to go back and put it all together again...though a few I did because they were easy to find.


Here I am going through post after post,
deleting, and undeleting.


I would rather be doing something else, like nothing at all lol

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