January 30, 2014

I Have Been Inspired to Talk KInk

I just finished reading a post about humiliation that Pygar had posted on A Kind Dom and my thoughts on the subject were way off topic for me to respond there.

So I shall do it here, in my own little cozy spot, and the moment all have been waiting for, drum roll.....

Coming to terms with humiliation, after months of pondering as I am prone to ponder, I have concluded my feeling on humiliation, and my love of it.

And well it goes like this

Believe it or not, humiliation gives me a senses of power ( I know ironic) . I am able to go to places I may fear, I am able to be something that in actuality I am not. I am able to face it all head on with someone whom I trust, and someone who can bring me back to reality safely.

I tend to feed off the power one has over me, and in essence I gain power through that exchange. Humiliation seems to take me closer to that power exchange I crave, whereas pain takes me to good places but not nearly as close as humiliation does.

To look one in the eyes and see the monster within, to feel the fear and then overcome it. to know no matter how low you can go that you can soar even higher. I say break me, take me, and bring me back, just to do all over again....yummy, and so full with such power.

But I also feel humiliation needs to be played with care and with someone who is trustworthy enough to bring you back down safely. Once damage is done, it is hard to come back from.

And I thought I had nothing to say about TTWD.

Had to share, thought it was pretty funny :)


  1. I'm pleased that A Kind Domhelped stimulate such fascinating thoughts and comments. I found your thoughts very on topic. Thoughtful comments to my blog are always welcome. I hope you don't mind me linking back to your post here.

    Thanks also for the funny!

    Good luck.

    P xx

    1. I thank you Kind Sir for the inspiration.