October 11, 2013

What Makes Me Feel.

   I have no tears for what cannot feel

I put little value on materialistic things, not saying I do not need or want of things, things do make life easier and more enjoyable, but things do not feed my soul, things do not make me feel with great deep emotion, things do not move me. So a thing may never bring tears to my eyes....with exception to sentimental things but the feeling of loss does  not come from the thing per say, but from a moment, a person, a love, from an accomplishment achieved, the remainder of the joy with in a moment that passed. But even if I would lose something sentimental, my tears would only be for the moments I feel I may have lost.

I think often in today world we get caught up with what we have and what we have not. I don't have much, but I have more than many. I have roof over my head; I have food in my tummy, clothes on my back, clean water to drink. I have a vehicle to drive, to get me from here to there and back again. I have means of communication, and I have other stuff...lots of stuff that holds no importance to me. And I can get rid of stuff with ease, with no tears shed. It does not mean much to me.

I love to paint, and draw; I love the feeling of emotions that come out from doing so, what it represents from my soul, my essence, my inner being. But even my art holds little value in my heart; I can let it go with ease, not a tear to be shed. I really don't even care to make money from my art. I just give it away to family, to friends, it makes me happy to see them happy, to me that is what life is about.

I sometimes get caught up with the competitions of who has more and/ or better stuff. And then after I spent what money I do not have, I get rid of said stuff. It does not fill me, it leaves me empty. Then there are times I feel sorry for myself because I do not have what others have. But if I did would that make me happy? And the answer always is no, no it will not make me happy. It will not feed my soul. Then I think of people who have very little, who have no roof over their head, very little food to feed their tummies, flimsy rags for clothes, and dirty water to drink. Funny thing is they do not feel sorry for what little they have. They live to survive.

So what is stuff? It is momentary, it is replaceable, it does feel and it does not feed the soul. So why do so many put so much value on stuff and little value on the living?

I have no tears for what cannot feel, I have tears for what can feel...I feel for the ones that truly need and I loathe the people who never can have enough, who feel entitled to belittle what can feel, and worship what cannot.

I will shed a tear for humanity, I will grieve for those who have lost what the true meaning of living is, and then after I will celebrate all that I have, and all that I have is the love I receive from the people I have been blessed with in my life. And celebrate the ones that understand what living is all about.


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