October 4, 2013

Surprised !

I got the most wonderful surprise!

My dear man made me think he was still away, and that he wanted to do some online play, which is odd for him. So he got me all set up, doing as he wanted without seeing me, wanting to go a bit darker than usual. Some of what he ask for me to do I found odd and he got me thinking that he just maybe was going to stop by, just maybe...but then I thought maybe he wanted me to think that as part of the game. 

He stopped by!

Without even a hello, he order me to stay still, I obeyed ( which was hard because I was so happy to have him there) He brought with him a new toy/implement, one that I have been wanting to try for a while, a bamboo cane...and I sure got what I ask for, and it was wonderful in the most hurty of ways.

My ass has seen some hurt, I have had a colorful ass, I have had staying welts and bruising but I have never, ever had welting bruises like this. It is a weird feeling, sitting here on my bottom. It is somewhat numb but I can feel the welts as I sit.

He seemed to have no mercy, taken me as far as he thought I should go. He brought much needed tears to my eyes, which I tried to fight...I was not wanting too let go, was feeling the need to be stubborn and defiant. But I needed to let go. It was so hard to let go, but he got me there with many hard stinging whacks, and a few not so nice words of encouragement. The combo got me to where I needed to be. It felt nice to cry, to let go and be his for a little bit. To feel his power over me, to be defeated and be content with it.

Unfortunately with every hello there has to be a goodbye...I don't like goodbyes, but  with him I know we will have more hellos, till then I will have to be content with a very sore behind.