April 18, 2013

Fetlife Can be Funny

I made a profile on fetlife a few months back but did not do anything with it, just recently I decided to add a little more to my profile and more sexy pic of myself (maybe that is where I went wrong or not) and it has been interesting. I will say upfront that I have made email friends with a new to it sub like me and a very nice gentleman Dom...So all is fair in love and war.

But...Oh I so love my butts...

I had one so called dom, not quite in my area but close, email me. He came off very nice, so I sent an e-mail back...then the punch, do you have a Dom? How submissive are you? Would you like to come to my dungeon and play" WTF. So I did not respond in a timely manner...well he said "that he sees why I don't have a Dom" As we all know I do like to play with players so I took the bait and said "I was sorry, and that I am busy" do you think he respect that answer? No way!! not one little bit. The next email was "well I guess you don't want a Dom" said he... Bingo!!! We have a winner!!!! as my profile says I am looking for friends at this point, not a Dom. Then to top that off he said that people were saying I was a man...such middle school mentality. How I love free entertainment. Oh I so do hope no sub falls for such a fool.

Now up to today, this man seemed fairly innocent (ok as innocent as it gets in this TTWD) His first approach was kind and not overwhelming, not pushy, easy going. He had told me a bit about himself, and that he was a "do it for fun" photographer. He liked my picture and said he would like to do a photo-shoot of me. Ok fine, if I got to know him, some trust was built, I may be up to something like that...but only in time. At first he was cool, but as the e-mails went on he grew more eager, more aggressive He ask if I could meet him tonight for coffee, innocent enough. But I am unable to do to children. He asked if we could meet tomorrow "I said no I cannot" I said maybe next week during the day. He could not do that... then the topper. "Well how about this weekend you come to my place for a photo-shoot" said he. WTF again...I responded nicely that I was not comfortable, I needed to get to know more about him. I got an "ok" and that was it. lol. I shake my head in disbelief, but I have been warned ... Yet it is so entertaining .
Fun, fun, fun!!!

I think I need a life lol

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