April 17, 2013

Another Dating Update.

I had two lunch dates monday, both men were wonderfully sweet kind and well rounded, intelligent capable of deeper conversation which never led to sex. Both are vinella, first man had such a sweet innocence, that I found very enduring. Second man, was a little rougher but in a good way, kind well meaning and we had a wonderful conversation that made me lose track of time.

First guy was the one you could take home to mom and mom would love. Second one was one you could take home to mom and she would say "Why?" And what one do you think gave this girls tingles....you are right, that latter wins.

We had a wonderful time talking about everything (I hit all the stuff you are not supposta talk about on a first date/meet) from kids to politics and a little touch on religion, form lifes struggles. It was nice, I learned a lot about him, as he me. We talked so much I lost track of time; I needed to get my girls off the bus. He walked me to my car, gave me a great big bear hug...it felt so nice to be held like that, so close and tight. I had a hard time letting go, so did he. Then a kiss followed.... a lovely sweet, passionate kiss, making me weak in the knees. I could've stayed there for all of time, so nice and cozy. But thy children awaited thy mother... thus we had to part ways.

We talked on the phone that night, getting to know each other even better. Of course at this point sex came up, which open the doors for me to feel him out, and he I. We discussed a little of our likes and dislikes...and found out we both like to make the other happy. Should be a win/win for sure. Then we talked again last night and got a little more in depth, I got to open a bit more about my kinky likes...he did not hang up. lol

He began to encourage me to share more...and that is not easy for me to do, expressed seeing as I really like him. I did tell more about the more extreme stuff and he was fine with it. Even said he would like to explore that side of me with him. We shall see.

I am a happy girls as of now, smiling from ear to ear.

But of course the little voice in my head is filling me with all of the negative thoughts. The "he is using you, all he wants is one thing, he does not want to get to know you, he is telling you a bunch of lies, run, run, run!!!" Yes that is what the voice is saying, and I don't want to listen.

This is where I am at in my dating game.

Oh yeah I had a wonderful night Saturday with some amazing kinky sex. Unfortunately that man does not make me weak in the knees and tingly inside. Funny how stuff works out.


  1. I remember the dating scene, uggggh! But this guy sounds interesting. It'll be interesting to see what happens with him...