February 12, 2013

Me and My But's

I am in a funk

I hate being in a funk, I am no fun, I am cynical, I am more unmotivated than usually (did not think it was possible, but yet it is) and worse Yet!! I am becoming my mom.

So how does one deal with this??

Well I tried my go to method of just avoiding this funk, in hopes it will just go away.
But that did not work out so well.

Tried getting out, that  help a little...but yet still the feeling remains.

Tried to make myself all pretty, but that only made more work for me.

Tried being positive, but positive is so hard to do when one is cynical.

Sarcasm, sarcasm was good for a minute or two but then I end up pissing people off, and well that is never a good feeling. Also it kinda sorta pushes people away. But is fun at the time... quick fix with a down side.

I could drink and get drunk, but I am not found of the feeling, brings back to many not so good memories.

Tried watching funny shows but I became bored and the shows became uninteresting.

Of course my imps put a smile on my face but when you are in a funk that is not enough.

Oh!! holy hell... I am just one big BUT!!!

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