January 23, 2013

Oh Me, Oh My... It is Cold Outside.

I did good with my goals last week, though I sorta blew it over the weekend...but nobody is perfect. My start to this week was not a good one. The girls being out of school Monday, and all of us having a little cold has left me on the lazy side, feeling tired and out of sorts.

I redeemed myself slightly yesterday, and today I am off to a good start. I just have to keep it up, and stop making excuses to not do what needs to be done. I am very perficient at making excuses.

Still have not called my mom, I am a bad daughter... and I hope karma does not catch up with me on that one.

I am growing restless in the not dating for now goal, and would like to get back into the dating scene, but I think I would be doing it for the wrong reasons (ok i know i will be doing it for the wrong reasons). My reasons right now are I am bored and horny. My sex drive has been quite insatiable, and  pleasing myself is just not doing it... if you all know what I mean. So what is a girl to do?

And the cookies with coffee in the AM is not working as well as I planned, yet again nobody is perfect. My new excuse... "thank you nobody"



  1. I hate this cold weather, It's been so cold they've cancelled school the last two days. I'm ready for spring!

    1. I know Mrs.D, I wish I could hibernate ...though i do love the snow just not the cold.

      It has not been that cold here to cancel school, my girls were bummed about that...not I.

  2. having a cold a awful. I'm just about recovering... hope you feel better soon!!

    1. Thank you Fondles,

      I hope you are in full recovery soon as well.