January 3, 2013

My Muddled Thoughts

I am lost, I have a million ideas running about my head but none are coherent enough to make any sense let alone put down in words. I need to get out of this roundabout, this rut I put myself in. I need to follow through on what I say, but time seems to get away from me, before I know it the idea goes away, and I forgot what I was going to do, or what I might say.

I should jot down my ideas but by the time I find a pen and paper the thought or idea, and or plans all leave or become confusing, not as well thought out as I thought at first. Confusion is nothing new, it is my way of life... you would think I find some order in my confusion, though that would leave confusion out...and I am thinking confusion would not like that. See my incoherent thoughts "MAKES NO SENSE" yet I still went with it, Oh well.

Focus, focus, focus!!!

I love reading all the blogs out there in blog land, I learn so much... I get to read about so many accepting wonderful women. I get to read about how others deal with submitting, about all the fun they have with their other half. Such wonderful story's and different perspectives on what it is to be submissive, the battles and struggles inside the ups and downs, and most of all the happiness when something new is realized. When one has a eureka moment, how wonderful

Each story parallel and intertwines with others but yet each is unique.  Each is uniquely their own, every women uniquely their own, and their Sir or Masters unique. The commonality is wanting something seemingly pure, (yes I used pure to describe TTWD) some kind order with in chaos, some sort or meaning, a bond, a deeper understanding of oneself, of one’s significant other, a deeper spiritual understanding that comes with trusting another human, putting faith in someone, knowing that they will honor you as you them. Nothing can be purer than that. At least that is what I think and my thinking can be fuddled at times.

There are my thoughts for the day, incoherent and all. 

Now mothering duty is being called upon, my imps beckon me to serve lol 


  1. I think this post was very coherent and not at all muddled, in fact I think it was quite lovely.

    1. Thank you Mrs. D, I am glad it came out in a coherent manner :)

  2. I understand every word. In fact, the way you wrote gives me the confidence to try to put out there the way I feel too.
    Thank you,

    1. Your welcome, and thank you as well Abby for the positive feed back.

      It is nice to know I inspire you to write what you feel as well, that puts a smile on my face :)

  3. I have to agree, I got every word and I loved it. :)