November 20, 2012


I have not heard from Sir in a few days and I am worried, I am not sure if something is going on in his life and I need to give him space, if an accident took place or he just does not want to talk with me anymore. I am no good with uncertainty... and less good with worry. So I do hope he is OK, and it is ether he needs space or does not want to talk with me anymore. I can live with that, I would be hurt... but hurt goes with life, and hurt is better than worry and uncertainty.

My little head can spin quite a story, and the story is never I loathe the places my head can go. But I shall try to put worry on the shelf, in hopes to hear from him soon, and that he is alright. That will make me happy to know that he is alright.


  1. ah it's tough when you don't know. I spin stories all over the place too. it's tiring and wears me out. Thankfully I've reached a space with BIKSS where I don't have to anymore. I just ask. and he stays in touch fabulously!

    1. Yes very true, hopefully in time uncertainty will lead to certainty.