November 2, 2012

Need a Little Love

 I had another night of not being able to fall asleep... my sex drive has been that of a teenage boy and is driving me insane...

    I go through these spells, and it can be fun with the right out lit but fortunately-unfortunately for me, Sir and I have family obligations... in other words we happily oblige to our kids. Which is part of single parenthood, but makes it very difficult to meet up on a regular basis?

   I feel like a teenager but a reversal of roles. To kids “can mommy go out tonight" kids, "no mommy you went out last weekend. “Me "but, but... please..." Revenge is mine when they are teens...

   Though I would not change that aspect of my life for all of the world’s wealth, power or fame… But yet that does not make the rise of hormones, that is surging through my system go away.

  Oh dear... so I must relay on the self-gratifying method of a house of kids that don't believe mommy should have any private time. So there goes the reason I can't sleep... need outlet, NOW!! lol

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