November 7, 2012


   I do not do begging well, I am quite horrible at it. I question my lack of begging skills... though I don't think I ever did it well even as a child. Mom would say "No" and that was end of discussion... whatever it was I wanted I guess I could do without.

   I am thinking was there ever anything I could not do without. As a child... we were by no means spoiled. We got on our birthdays and christmas. No my dad says wanting builds character,( I should have plenty of that by now lol). Again not complaining because when you get it makes it even more wonderful.

   So begging... I hate it.. I feel silly. I want to do good at it for Sir but when I start at it, all I come up with is please and pretty please... over and over, so redundant. I could offer him something in return but what do you offer someone who you would do almost anything to or for. I loathe it. I would rather be paddled with the evil little stick. Would rather stand in the corner with a red ass, I would rather have my tits tortured till warm to touch, till the softest of touches hurts. How is it that such a simple thing such as begging caused me such distress. Most children do it with ease,, with conviction. Not me.

Maybe one day I'll get it, though I doubt it.

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