March 6, 2014

I Have Some Questions for Life...

I have some questions for life, in honor of questions and answers month.

I wonder what makes humans do what they do, why we are so much alike, but can never see eye to eye.

Are we destined by nature, is that what defines us? Are we defined by a greater cause beyond our belief? Are we defined by a higher power that dictates how we should live? Or are we defined by our own choices?

I am confounded by the brain and all of its networks, connecting one emotion to the other, one action to another. Are we bound by the chemicals released from the brain, from the body, back to the mind? Are we slaves to what the brain dictates? Or is the soul our center? Do we even have a soul or is a myth to build upon the ego and makes us think we are unique? Are we truly unique? Or are we the same, in different bodies, different cultures, different but yet so much alike beliefs?

What makes one smarter than another? Is the smartest in the class truly the smartest? Or is it the one who offers strength, the one that offers creativity, the one that offers perspective, or maybe it is the one that defies authority, defies convention? Are they the smartest? Or is it our combined intelligence that makes the world work?

How is it that one person's worth is more than another? Is a man that cleans the filth from the dirty streets less a man then the one that sits upon a hill in luxury? Why do we worship the wealthy and unkind; yet look down upon the poor and helpless? Why is it so hard for some to be humane, to empathize with others pain? Why is it so easy for some to sit upon a pedestal and judge others for their reality, and unable to see what is wrong with their reality?

And the biggest question for life is why the hell can I not sleep at night?



  1. LOL! Maybe because you are pondering all these questions and won't let your mind ease up enough to sleep *grins*

    1. Life has spoken, one answer down and a million more to go....Come on life!!! Answer me already....and then I shall sleep. LOL