November 14, 2013

Focusing on No Focus

I have no focus, and I take meds for that...seems I may need to up, and I truly do not want to but I also want to be able to read other blogs all the way through instead of just skimming through and getting confused. I would like to finish a post, instead writing, deleting and rewriting again, over and over and getting nothing written at all, or a scramble of mix up topics (ok I do that one regardless). I would love to start a task and finish that task, instead of having a lot of nothing done. My house is a upside down, topsy turvy, nothing right, mix of clean, unclean...did I feed the dog today, I think I did, the kids are getting home soon...shit!!! and again I got nothing done.

Oh well! There is always tomorrow

And I did manage a post :)


  1. And we're glad u got this post done! With pictures to boot!

    1. I did!

      And then I took to long to respond lol