May 13, 2013

A Little Something To Say, After Not Having Much To Say.

Good god of all I am without things to least during the day. At night all of my thoughts, worries  fears, realizations come... even stories to tell; but by the time the AM hits they disappear like fog in the night, to daylight.

What should a loss for words woman do? Just so ones does not stop doing something she loves.

Pay homage to my blog?

Maybe pictures?

More music?

Maybe a lot of randomness? I do random well

Random it is...

I did a stupid thing, I do stupid well to. I met a man on Fet and invited him over.. on the fly, no first public meet. I survived, knowing it was stupid. The guy even told me as he was leaving that I should not let strange men in through my back door. Good advice from a strange man who came in through my back door. Strange things here, strange things there, strange things everywhere...I think I shall take his advice, though I so do hate to take advice....even the good kind.

I have been chatting with a couple of interesting possibilities on Fet (no I won't be inviting them to come over through my back door) I am planning on meeting the him in a public place next Monday, I have been chatting with him for about a month now...consistent chatting so I am feeling it is OK to move to the next level   The other guy of interest I have been only chatting with for a few days, so I shall see where that goes with in time, as only time will tell.

I have been doing an assessment of the past year, Looking into my past three relationships (being ones that lasted over a couple of months) trying to find where I went wrong, what I would've done different, and why I did what I did and/ or reacted the way I did to certain things. I have realized if I don't reevaluate my past how can I change my future (I feel a Bob Marley song coming on, good thing you all can't hear me sing lol) I feel thus far I am approaching matters in a more healthy way (as far as dating goes) for myself. I have noticed I have got my strength back, I am no longer vulnerable and I have been able to be clear with my wants and needs... and expectations;  also I have been better at asking the ones I am chatting with to be clear with me, and I have been clear with them.

I am as always a work in progress, a ramble of words, as contradictory as ever, constantly growing and being cut back to grow some more. Tis fantastic to be human... to be alive and continue to evolve.

I hope to catch up on reading all the blogs I so do enjoy, my head has been in such a ramble that I can not focus long on any one given  thing.

Hey!!! looky, I had things to say. Yay me!!


  1. Well ok so perhaps it was stupid, but im going to join you in the stupid club lol....been there, done that lol

    I do think its good to perhaps look back at past relationships, we can learn from experiences, and sometimes on reflection we can see how/where it went wrong.

    and heck just write whatever


    1. Good! I need a little company in the stupid club.

  2. Anna May:
    If you've recognized it as being stupid, move on and don't do it again. Please do take care.
    Try to be a little less hard on yourself and enjoy the process of finding someone who you will feel compatible with. Looking at where we've been is great for all the reasons Tori stated but its also good as it clarifies what we want. Hugs.

    1. I shall recognize my stupidity, and go about it all in a safer manner but then what stories would I have to share? *says facetiously*

      Yes it is, very true...and that is the process I am going through right now.

      Hugs back

  3. Been there. Done that.

    Just try to be a little more cautious.

    1. Will do! but what fun is that? lol