April 8, 2013

Dating UpDate

I had 3 dates this week.

The first date, was a man half my age...he was super nice and we had a lot to talk about but the age difference does bother me. I had told him that and he understands but we both agreed that we would like to continue to talk as friends. He also gives
great insight into the male mind that boggles me so.

The second date was with a man who was quite norrotic, but very entertaining  We ended up spending the afternoon together and I truly enjoyed myself but I do not see much potential and I don't think he did as well.

Third date was this afternoon, we had tons to talk about and he relates as a Dom/sadist but there was no connection there for me, and you can not fake a connection; at least I can't. 

Tomorrow I am going to see the guy I met last monday for a mee/date. I shall see where that goes. I like him we have enough in common and he is willing to venture more into my kink. I am slightly afraid I will scare him, I guess I will see with in time.

I can't visit with my subbie this week for my Aunt Flow decided to make an appearance so we have to put that off for next week.

I have a million thoughts running through my head, but can't seem to get them in writing. Maybe tomorrow, not like anyone is looking forward to any of my senseless ramblings lol But they always help me put perspective on things.


  1. love your senseless rambling because you pretty much cover things that I want to discuss but don't dare...
    I am having such a hard time at dating, I give up...seriously!


    1. I understand Aluv, the way I survive is I think of each date as a new learning adventure, there is so much one can learn with an open ear.And such good story's people have to tell.

      Thank you on the senseless ramblings. They do help make somewhat sense out of nonsense or just cause more ramblings for the next post lol

  2. Love the picture. It's so me, most of the time...
    I, too, am a fan of senseless ramblings.

    1. Thank st, it sure is a picture to relate to.

      Senseless ramblings have a place for sure, I tend to love others ramblings, I learn so much and realize that I am not alone.