March 25, 2013

Snow Break and Where I am At.

My kiddos are on "spring" break...and spring break up north can be sunny and in the late 70s or it can be snowy and in the 20s. Well this year my kiddos got snowy and in the 30s. Watch next week it will be sunny and in the 70s. lol Gotta love this time of the year.

Can't say I will be doing a lot of writing on here for the week, they tend to take over everything, I mean everything.

Dating has been ehhh... meet up with two gentlemen on Friday, one for lunch and the other for coffee. A back to back deal. Such fun!

The one is the Substitute School Teacher, so very sweet...I think I would scare the heck  out of him if he got to know me well. Very, very vanilla, and very, very ordinary...slightly boring but super sweet. I hate this part, I hate finding a guy who is so sweet and kind, but would not have a clue on how to handle me. He would be good as far as being dependable. But I would grow bored with ease.

The second guy is a 16 year sober lawyer, a self proclaimed honest and honesty has to be the biggest oxymoron I have ever heard (it took all of me to refrain for being a smart ass and saying that). But I must say thus far he has been super straight up. Anyone that admits that they are a recovering heron addict, takes a lot of courage... especially on the first meeting. Though I was also straight up about my girls father which left him a open door opportunity. I don't think we would work as a couple but I can see being friends. He does fascinate me... and I so do love fascinating people.

I am going to take some advice of my fellow blogger's and reopen my Fetlife account and see if I can meet more like minded people, and maybe along the way meet a man that would better suet my needs. It will be a scary process for me but I feel it may be good to add that along with my vanilla dating.       

My sweet subbie and I have been trying to find time to hook up and play, which has been hard for us to arrange, for my kiddos are on spring brake this week and his are on spring brake next week. I am looking forward to it. Little ole me Domming a big guy, that would be something for sure...and my little tease has been out in full force.

That be my update for the week, now time for me to get the kiddos to clean...oh such fun.


  1. Anna May: Enjoy the Spring break! :o)
    Do be cautious when it comes to Fetlife or online-looking (I just have to say it!).
    I have seen that it can work better by being bland in your profile. Something like: "I am here to learn and explore and primarily for friendship--but I am open to the possibility of it evolving into more. I am interested in meeting people in my own local area."
    Instead of "Looking for a Dom!" I'm sure you can see the difference ;o)
    I can understand being shy but I risked it and I am so happy to have tried to get over all those worries that were holding me. I have been lucky to have found a great local kink community and it started by going to a munch. Take care and I wish you much joy ;o)

    1. Thank you and I definitely will do, I do appreciate the advice.

  2. Spring Break was last week here.