March 2, 2013

Here I Go ....Off, Off and Away

I am a bit happy, I met an older gentleman, a Dom...and he is from my area, which is nice to just be able to chat with someone who has been in this life style for a while, and even better someone from the area who might be able to point me in the right direction, and maybe give me a little guidance for I am in need of that for sure.

I have a date next weekend set up with Mr. Poly guy... I am looking forward to it, and slightly nervous  but I am always nervous when meeting some one, no matter how long I have known them, I still get nervous meeting up, one of the many weird little glitches.

I am having fun, and meeting so many fun and interesting men but I can't get the longing to submit out of my mind... no matter how many times I tell myself I will make a hell of a Domme... and possibly it may be my calling (no laughing) unfortunately  it does not take that longing away.

Yet I also know I need to have these experiences. I always love to learn but could never learn through books. I have to put my hands in it, need to feel it fully for myself to get the better understanding. I am a big believer in you can not judge anyone till you have walked a mile in their shoes. I have been blessed to have walked many miles in different shoes, and have many more shoes and many more miles to go. Each mile I have traveled I have had new revelations and a better understandings of other people, more empathy, and learn with each and every mile that many of my judgement were so misguided.

Here to learning, and many new adventures.....


  1. Well bravo to you though for getting out there and exploring and wanting to learn...i strongly believe we should never stop learning....when there is so much out there to discover.