February 28, 2013

A Very New Adventure For Me.

I think I found my mirror image in a man.

Any how the date with poly guy went well. It was nice meeting him, I enjoyed my self for the most part. I was very nervous, and when I am nervous i don't know what to say or I do but I am to afraid of saying something wrong or it all coming out upside down, turned around in a ramble of nothing.
Good thing is I am only nervous when I really like the guy, when I don't I have no problem with conversation actually surprising good with it. We kissed...I think I was the aggressor, it was nice...and he sweetly grab'ed my ass...then ask permission after. Funny silly men...

So our deal is going to be doing a switchy thing, We both relate more to being submissive. He though wants to try Doming, thinking he might be suppressing that side of him seeing as he has always had Dominate women in his life. I know already how this will turn out (because I read minds).

 I'm thinking, the more I think about it that I will be good at this Domme thing...(no need to laugh) I have a little sadistic streak in me, I could be demanding... defiantly enjoy being the center of attention for a bit. The only thing is I can not be is a bitch...I don't like to be that, but I am seeing that Domme are not necessarily bitches and that was a very unfair assessment of mine.

I feel this will be a good thing for both him and I, I think that we are alike in so many ways that there will be a better understanding of each of our needs. And our communication with each other is phenomenal...maybe I will learn to give a little more of my emotional being... and then again maybe not.

I might have to change the title of my blog to "Diary of A Dominatrix Woman" (haaa...ha...ha me so funny) one never knows.
A large man smiles in obvious delight, enjoying the sensation of two clothespins on his nipples.
Peter suggested this awesome photograph, and wrote:
On the rare occasions that a submissive male is portrayed, he is usually depicted as skinny, young, effeminate and shy. I love this picture because it does not fit in any of those clichés.
I would add only one more cliché, perhaps the most important of all: that submission is portrayed as something undesired and undesireable. That cliché is the most insulting, dangerous, and untrue of all.
Submission is freedom, and can be healing if you let it be. It’s okay to want permission to be what, who, and how you are, connected with another or with yourself by a resonance of your own making. Like a tuning fork, loud and insistent but audible only once grounded with a force that you embrace.
It’s okay to want such permission, even if you don’t need it. Because, actually, you don’t need permission from anyone but yourself.
I looked all over the place for a good picture of a submissive man...it is not easy...not easy at all but I did finely find a sight....that has plenty of wonderful pictures of submissive men, all kinds just not one type. This picture caught my eye because it is not the image most get in their mind,  many including me, tend to think of the one type or two...skinny little guy or big executive type. This girl is learning a whole new thing and loving every minute of it.
           Picture found at Male Submission Art,   http://malesubmissionart.com/      


  1. For some reason I want to yank those cloths pins off his nipples :)

    1. I know, just to see the look on his face....see the thrill his eyes, get an idea of what it is like on the other side. Yep, the little sadist is coming out. lol

      Seems there might be one in you as well Yearning...lol