March 11, 2013

My Saturday Night Date

My second date went well with poly guy, I am going to need a better nickname...

He came over and we had some wine and just talked, it was nice, it allowed for a better comfort level. But of course talking eventually leads to a little more, and that was nice as well. I have not had that kind of intimacy since sir.

A tattoo on the back allows one with a good lead to my ass, as seeing a tattoo is there as well. As soon as he grabbed me by my hips I was butter melting to his touch...kissing my ass...good god, I miss that kind of attention (my ass is worth a little worship) and he enjoy enjoyed squeezing, slapping and grabbing, I was a very happy girl. He worked his way up to my lips; he was a wonderful kisser, passionate, almost a passion that is as strong as mine.

He then grabbed me by my ass to lift me up to grind on his oh-so hard cock ageist his rough jeans, lifting me up higher to kiss my neck, sending tingles down my spine making me even more weaker and responsive to his touch. At that point all I wanted to do was go to my knees to play with him... unzipped his pants and take out what he had for me, to put him in my mouth and taste him...lick him make him moan  then suck on his soft balls taking into my mouth sucking softly... to receive some-more soft moaning from him...licking and sucking Oooh how much I love to lick and suck.... he seemed to like it as well which makes me only go fourth and put more wonderful effort into it... and appreciate being able to do such.

He pulled me up once again to his mouth to kiss and take in.. getting his neck and down to his chest for a slight nibble on his nipple to be thrown down on the couch for him to fall on top of pressing his hardness ageist me.... then rubbing me making me moan out loud as he rubbed on my clit, then my pussy, down to my back whole... making me scream in delight, than a nice slap on my bum with a deep grab.

There was a lot of touching of my body me touching him. I love touch, not just of my privets but every part of me. When aroused it seems every caressing is intensified, like warm prickles of delight. Then he would pull me be the legs kissing my calf's working to my feet, creasing, kissing and sucking sweetly on my toes. Complete Bliss.

He has fabulous eye contact which is another thing I love, eyes show so much of a person, gives an idea of them....his eyes are deep, powerful, full of the right amount of dark to make me wet in anticipation in what he could do to me.

I ask for a slap in the face... which he happily complied to... feeding the fire of need, giving me the rush .. that only makes me want more... bringing me back up for a passionate kiss... me falling to my  knees to feed my need to please worshiping his hardness and the softness under the hardness...Me then backing up and sitting on the couch with legs spread, he eagerly rubbing me again makes me squirm and sequel in absolute delight.

The two of us just playing and feeling each other out...he tenderly touching my cheek, teasing me taking his hand up in jest to slap me getting comfortable no longer anticipating for the sting across my cheek then without warning a slap bringing the fire and longing back, making me want to be completely be complaint with any demand he would throw at me. 
He then pushed me down to take his lovely hardness in my mouth as deep as I could. He took my legs to wrap around his neck slapping my ass, rubbing me kissing my legs, rubbing and kissing my feet, making me moan more. As I was enjoying the moans escaping his mouth with ever lick, every time I would take him deep. The intensity was building up even more, and then the night coming to an abrupt end as his curfew hit.

I did get a little more rubbing to make me wiggle and anticipate for the next time we would meet up.

No sex was to be had, a rule of his and his and his wife, which worked well as it was my time of the month also I like the idea of holding that aspect of it off.... it allows us to get to know more about each other by just touch, and lips to taste and get use to the newness.


  1. *fanning myself here Anna May! *shivers*


    1. It was a lot of fun, much needed fun.

  2. Holy hell!

    I'll be back to go handle some things now :)

  3. Replies
    1. That is what I was saying the whole time lol