February 13, 2013

Songs, Songs, Songs...Because I Love to Sing All Night Long.

Some of my favorit songs.

Silver Sun Pickups "Lazy Eye"
This is one of the better performances they have done, he sings with such passion, and she kills on bass.

Black Eyes Peas "Gotta A Feeling"
Who does not want to have a good time, this song is a get up and go, just have fun. Makes me want to go dancing.

Love to share music.


  1. Hey there! I know this is a few days old but I just had to say thank you for sharing the music:) I LOVE music! Oh....and "I gotta feeling" makes me want to get up and dance too! I think I might just do that right now.....Yep....clickin' that play button and dancing in my living room! hehe! :)


    1. You are welcome SmilingBelle;I do love sharing, music, art, poetry.

      I have to say it gives me great pleasure to know you enjoyed, so thank you.