February 14, 2013

Me Dom??? Seriously!!!

I so do love the men I meet in this on line dating thingy...

There is this guy I talked to before I met Sir, he was trying to get me to Dom him, LOL. Me!! Dom!! too funny.

He is very quite insistent on it. As soon as I get back on to the dating sight, he messages me...now mind you I have told him I do not play Dom, I am like him and submissive but you know men... they only hear what they want to.

But, I was thinking this could be fun... why not, I have tried it before...but said man was a wimp (a masochistic sub should not Dom, one ends up making the assumption that a bottom can take as much pain as ones self) poor guy, don't think he knew what he was in for...but he learned right quick.

So this guy's kink is going down on women, he likes to lick and lick a lot... could be fun.. could be.

I could be bossy, I could... I think...oh hell...maybe.

I think I should try just for the hell of it.... though Domming seems like a lot of work.
Do this...
do that..
up, down..
turn around,
sit, kneel...all sorts of different orders,

and I would have to be the one that has the final say, make up my mind, for just not me but another.... Oooh...ummm...  that sounds like to much work for a little lickty, lick. Don't you think?

But could be fun, I will have to think a little more about it...  though it could not hurt. I could see what it feels like being a Dom first hand. I could do it, sure I can....think.

And what women does not like a little poo-nanny loving? (Shame on my vulgarness) lol



  1. you know i've often wondered what it would be like to Dominate a man, or another woman... and i just CAN'T get past those words - i end up giggling and laughing to myself just trying to imagine it.

    And i liked what you said about masochistic subs not being Dom. We'd assume everyone else would be able to handle the pain we thrive on. LOL

    1. I think I will go through with it, just got finished talking with him and I feel it could be quite interesting, no sex needs to be involved....and we can switch.

      Did give him the warning, but like a typical man he thinks I am kidding... a little sadist is popping out of me... *needs to push back down* lol