February 28, 2013

Music For The Day...I even threw out one I dislike

I will start with Tool "Schism" 
I got turned on to this band when I was probably 15, by watching MTV when they actually played music videos...I loved the darkness of the video which was "Sober" they put it is all their vidoes which I think is brillennt. The have soft hard sound..so in retrospect I like my sex like I like my music. lol
Which is not for everyone, kinda like me.

 I like Taylor Swift...just not 20 times a day. So here it is, because though I do not like it does not mean others feel the same. So here is my torture for the day. Who need a sadistic Dom when you have teeny bopper music, and 3 pre teen girls.
So here is Taylor Swift "We Will Never  Ever Get Back Together"

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