February 26, 2013

The Wonders of My Dating Life

This chatting stuff is quite entertaining.

So today I was chatting  with a man who claims to a Dom, Oooh me, Oooh my... very, very interesting  His deal is he is coming out my way for business and wanted to meet up for a play date.

I like to play and I love to play with players(I never play with good men, i do have a conscious)  ...I know it is wrong but they set themselves up by being so darn stupid. I tried to keep the conversation on a getting to know each other, knowing already what direction this was going.... seeing how long it would take him. As you all could imagine, the direction went right to sex and expletive sex, byond likes and dislikes or limits....so after playing with him a bit, teasing, seeing how far he would go with it, I ask "once all is done and over with what would you do?" His answer was leave..."bleeep!!" wrong answer...I took my time then corrected him, and then he corrected his answer to fit mine.....Notta!! going to happen also I would never do a one night stand like that. But it is so fun to play with a player....

My date with the poly guy is today, I think the two of us covered possibly everything there is to cover...from  our hobbies, our faults, are likes and dislikes, the what ifs.. negative and positive; what we are both looking for, e-mail after e-mail...with detail, not just on sex but the whole experience.

I have never ever in my whole life fallen upon such an open man, (Sir was but never at this level) I am amazed at how open he has been with me, which has open the door for me to be more open. I have never ever been as open as I have been with him (I was very open with Sir but did start to shut down, for fear of him being scared of me, and my depth...then the feeling) I am in hopes that I will remain to be open, I tend to shut down when I start having stronger feeling towards anyone.

We both have the same fear of not having the physical connection but we both also no there is a connection no matter how it will work out.

I have thought and over thought about him being in a open marriage. I also realize that he will date other women as well. I am not apposed to that and was not apposed to that with Sir...(I actually liked the idea, he could get what he could not get from me) . It allows me to further my fascination with with well everything...I do love exploring the human mind and all of its wonders.

Also good writing materiel.


  1. I am not a dater, i dislike it, it was not meant for me...but it is something I guess I must do, have to break the cycle and date in order to one day actually find someone!!
    Best of luck with the poly guy!!

  2. Thank you Aluv

    I am not a big fan of it, but I also love chatting with new people. keeping that in mind, I am able to make it fun...and if I happen upon someone that sparks my interest then that is an added bonus.

    Yes dating is a necessary part of meeting someone, too bad good men don't fall out of the sky.