January 25, 2013

The Ever Running Mind of Madness


not looking too much into what others think:

holding on to false perceptions:

looking for something that does not exist:

moving on:

letting go:

being just to be:


Constantly searching for answers:

Questioning everything:

Learning to just relearn again:

On we go:

Will we ever know?

I wish I could just quiet my mind; it goes and goes, even in my dreams... I cannot escape my constant thinking and then over thinking.

Can't run away, it just follows, it is always there...echoing every word I have ever heard, questioning every answer I have ever known.

I have tried a lullaby to lull my mind into quiet, but my mind is too clever to fall for such a trick.

I have tried to numb it with too much wine, but wine won't do for my mind is much stronger than that of wine.

Oh and there were other substances that would quiet it for a bit, but then put my mind into confusion and confusion only led to more thoughts, thoughts of dread.

So I took to writing, though my mind still is going and going at a fast pace; my mind has finely found an outlet to sort out some of the chaos, and ease some of the dread. 

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