January 11, 2013


I have come to terms with the brake up between Sir and I...

I have validated my own feeling, realizing that is what I needed, that it was OK that I felt hurt, I felt let down and quite frankly abandon, which led to feeling of being a bit upset... maybe a little mad.

I also realize that his intentions were not to do any of said above things. I know he is a good man and as I have said in an other post that I could see the goodness it in his eyes, and eyes don't lie.

I do hope nothing but the best for him, I hope he can find the strength to heal from the pain of love lost. I hope he can see with clarity all he has to offer, and all he deserves from a lover. I also hope he does not hold on to her longer then he should, for I know all to well how that can close your eyes to the right person at the right time.

I wish I could of told him that, but it would of come off condescending at that time,  just was not the right time.

I also have to say, now looking at it from a distance... I am happy that I have met him, I am happy that I got to explore  my submissive side, and my masochistic side with him (he was definitely the right man to go there with). I am also in hopes he feels the same about me, I hope he does not have any regrets regarding our relationship; as I do not.

I need to write this down, I need to put it out there, though I know he won't be reading it...it is good to put it to words to pretend that he is, just so I could get the feel that everything is alright.

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