January 4, 2013


I am sicken with our justice system, I am sicken with boys who think drunk girls are free game, I am sicken that rape victims are treated as if they were the ones who comminuted a crime. It is time for us as society to stop blaming girls, stop putting all the control on the girls... stop using the saying "oh well boys will be boys".

 If a girl dresses provocative  oh she wants to be fucked, she wants to be degrade  cut down, diminished as a human being, if a girl gets drunk then she is asking for it... but boys oh no, they get drunk, well again "boys will boys be boys". I am tired that the system still justified rape... oh than we have politicians who act as if rape is on the girl, its an excuse for a girl to get an abortion because you know "a girl cant get pregnant if she is raped". What is next?

 Again diminish the responsibility of boys, lets say that they have no ownership of their actions, just keep up letting the creeps get away with mistreating girls, and what does that say, it says boys have every right to fuck any drunk girl any girls that dresses provocative I say it is time for boys to take RESPONSIBILITY !! for their actions. Drunk or not, dressed provocative or not, hey even if the girl likes it rough, or likes multiple partners, or is consider a slut... whatever... does not mean she asked for it. A girl has a choice, all times has a choice...she is not public property, she is a human being worth every bit of respect.

Boys need to become men. I always thought that a man was the protractor not perpetrator  that is how my mom brought up my brother.. and he is a loving and doting husband.

Where is it that parents are going wrong? Why are men not teaching their sons to respect women, to see their value? I feel it is time in this country,  a country of the free, a supposed country that has high morels and values, to stand up for our daughters, our sisters, our mothers, and so on.

You may be asking yourself what causes such a rant, this does.




  1. Hmm, I thought I left a comment here. can't write it all again but basically I dont think encouraging women to make smart decisions detracts from the accountability of the rapist. Anyone is more vulnerable whilst drunk and that's why you need to be careful about losing control and inhibitions in public. I don't think it's a case of either making rapists responsible for their actions or empowering women to make better and safer choices. We can do both.

    1. Annelle Wright first post, and what I am mostly responding too.

      Ok, we don't know what happened here. But let's assume that those guys are bad people and should rot in jail forever. That is a given.

      But, as women, do not have any responsibility for our own safety? We don't live in an ideal world with no bad people. That's why we teach our kids not to speak to strangers. Should this girl not have made better decisions to protect herself from people who may want to harm her? It is no good simply telling people not to rape. The vast majority of people know exactly when they are raping someone. Some may need educating about exactly what constitutes consent but we mainly know what is what. In my opinion, she made some stupid decisions that day and she needs to learn from them. That doesn't mean any rapists involved should get lighter sentences because she was stupid that day, but unless she understands how her behaviour contributed to what happened that day, it could and will happen to her again.

      This idea of educating women to make smart choices seems to have been totally abandoned. The idea of teaching men to simply not rape is idealistic and even amusing in it's very naivety.

      My response

      I do appreciate your point of view, and I agree with empowering women to make better and safer choices.

      But in this case the girl is 16, she was unconscious, she was raped multiple times by multiple boys, it was taped, many people stood by and watched. I think it is safe to say lesson learned... I think it is safe to say she probably will never ever trust anyone ever again.

      So now the boys need also to learn their lesson. What lesson will they learn? That they can get away with it. Why? Just because boys will boys, or whatever excuse they may find.

      My rant may have come across very idealistic, but I am by no means naive to this world. I am aware, very aware of the evils; unfortunately 16 year old girls are not.

      I do appreciate your opinion, and you bring up a valid point, and if only the world was perfect, but it is not.