January 9, 2013


Choices are mine; mine to make, and i make choices based on my needs or my perceived needs, my wants or perceived wants.

Choices are made every day, what to wear, where to go, even how to get there.

Choices are how i choose to react to others; i can chose to be defiant,  i can chose to be grumpy, angry  sad... or maybe i can choose to be compliant, to be content, pleased, happy... ether which way they are mine and mine alone.

Choices can be easy to make or choices can be hard to make. Sometimes i make the wrong choices, sometimes the right choices... ether which way they are mine and mine alone.

Sometimes perceived wrong choices turn out to be right, sometimes perceived right choices turn out to wrong. But they are mine and mine alone... and i can say byond a reasonable doubt that every choice i have made thus far has made me what i am today...so many lessons i have learned with every choice i have made.

Now i am coming to terms with me, with who i am, and who I want to be. There are so many choices to make along the way; the wrongs, rights and all the in- between. So many lessons to learn with each choice i make, and with each choice i make i become a better me.


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    1. yes indeed,

      Thank you for the read :)

  2. Yes our choices are ours to make...I just came across your blog...Didn't get a chance to read all of it but I love it.

    1. Thank you Starshine, thank you for taking a look at it and I am glad you like it thus far.