January 30, 2013

I Feel a Rant Coming On.....

"My life is easy" said daughter, if only she knew.

 I love my children more then anything in the world, but they are driving me insane;  OK just one is driving me insane... that is my oldest. She is nine,  moody, and unreasonable, ughh...  i thought the whole teenage thing did not start till they turned thirteen, right?!?!

I lost my motivation, I think it might be playing hide and seek. And with no motivation I have no want to look for it. Also daughter is not helping, good god of all... how the hell am I supposta survive tweens and teens? I have 3 girls...one after the other and the other. I could say it is karma, but I was of little trouble for my mom. I am prob getting my sister brunt of mama karma. Just not fair!!

I am needing a break from motherhood, I feel less and less like an adult every day....I get to read all the wonderful blogs out there and get a taste of what it is to be an adult. Yet not so much in my life. If I have to watch one more episode of the many horrid Disney shows out  there, I think i might go completely insane.

Insane I tell ya, insane in the membrane...

Yep!" My life is easy", said daughter.

Mama Karma is a bitch, said mom

Watch my middle who causes me little problem will get mama karma. So not fair.


  1. ah yes you go from Sesame street and nickalodeon to Disney then on to MTV. Perhaps it's time for a mommy's night with the girls.

    1. Ok...Disney is better then MTV, not looking forward to that one. I liked old school MTV when it actually did what it's logo stood for...playing music videos. Should be A.B.O.B.A.S. (a bunch of brats acting stupid) TV now.

      Yes a mommy's night would be nice, unfortunately all my girl friends are married and no longer like to go out. :( but I can always hit the town with my sister.

    2. Call them- even us old married folks need a girls night.

    3. Yes...true...and I wish it were easy like that, but...it is not.

      Thank You Mrs. D, as always I appreciate your encouragement

  2. I will admit, I love the Disney shows. I may have secretly cried on the last episodes of Hannah Montana and iCarly.

    If you have comcast, introduce your girls to On Demand for music videos and bypass all that MTV crap. My oldest constantly watches the videos on on demand.

    I agree with Mrs. D, definitely time for a night out!!

    1. Good to know Yearning... I will look into that, and thank you.

      I did like Wizards Of Waverly Place, I was sad when it ended :(