December 11, 2012

Laughter, and Spanking

I have read a lot of post on being spanked to tears, which brought a question to mind.

 I wonder if anyone else has ever been spanked to laughter. Not disrespectful laughter, not challenging your Dom, just laughing because the emotion was so strong. Kind of like being tickled, (but better, I loathe being tickled) just an uncontrollable laughter.

Now it happen to me twice, once when Sir was slapping my breast, another time was when he was flogging my thighs, and my va-jay-jay (that word makes me giggle). It was a mix of tears and uncontrollable laughter, I tried very hard to stop, but to no avail. Lucky me he seemed amused, and maybe slightly confused, but I seem to have that effect on people.  

I was wondering, if anyone happens to come across this post..have you ever been spanked to laughter???


  1. I've giggled and laughed during a spanking... and ouched and grimaced at the same time from the actual sting... but yeah, i'm not sure that's the same as being spanked to laughter. more like, concurrent, just cos the mood was light enough or the conversation, funny.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      It is sorta like that...but uncontrollable laughter...though a light mood in not needed... or maybe it is! things that make me go hmmm...