October 24, 2012

Why! In the Form of a Poem.

Question ask by Sir. What do you like about the pain, why do you crave it? What is it about the pain? How can you describe the feelings you have when being afflicted with pain? I will add that pain and humiliation go hand and hand for me.

I get a twisted sense of satisfaction,
I derive a strength unlike any other
I know I can be pushed.... and I like that.

I like the look I get from him,
 the depth in his eyes,
 the grin on his face,
 his satisfaction .

I like knowing that he can take me there,
as no other can...
And it hurts,
the words,
as well as the pain
but with each strike I feel the power surge in me.

When he uses me,
he takes what he wants...
he calls me names that I would never allow another.
I feel the power surge in me.
The energy.

You would think the energy would be a negative one
but it is not...
it is of power,
it is of strength.
It does not define who I am
but redefines who I could be.

I let go,
I become as I grow
I am challenged to how much I can bear...
I am pushed and the more I take the stronger I become.

I am not weak,
I am not nibbled of mind,
I know who I am, and that with certainty...
I would never change, I will only grow and become
the women I was born to be.  

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