September 6, 2014

A Long Time

How long can one go through writers block? lol

I am still here, still battling with submission; still fighting the demons in my head...I just cannot seem to write my thoughts down, As soon as I get to the page to write my mind draws a blank.

So much has gone on, so much sorting needs to be done and this blog has been a good source for sorting, but my thoughts are so jumbled that the sorting seems almost impossible for me to do.

I know at times just winging it has been helpful....

Thinking now, sorting now...I just may be afraid of letting it all out. It is easier to shove it all down, easier to ignore than to face my feelings head on.

I cannot even complete a paragraph lol

I think I will push myself to write, even if it is just a bunch of nonsense (that is more nonsense than the usual).


  1. I hope you do continue to write. I feel like I can relate to your writing. Hope to see more soon!

    1. Thank you Betsy T, I am going to try, and try and hope the writing sprite will come back to me.