May 3, 2013

I Am Me Again *sigh of relief*

I am finally feeling 100%, the sun is shining, I got a good hike with my dog in.... life is good.

Due to not feeling well I have been taking an easy on dating, which was overdue. I have been chatting with a few men on Fet...that seem normal and not pushy, that is refreshing. I learn so much by each person. I have made a long distance friend with a woman. I have been needing a female based friendship badly, and to have one with someone who understands where I am coming from is refreshing. She has also introduced me to a mentor/friend who is based in India...also something I have been needing. Now I will have to make an effort and utilize my new friends, (that is something I need to work on, "asking help" or "needing someone, and accepting giudice".

I do have a lot going through my head, but at this time I can not put my scattered thoughts into words. My muse has run away...maybe it will come back soon...hopefully sooner than soon.

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