February 6, 2013

I Had A Aha!! Moment With a Little Help.

I read such an insightful post on Jumping On In:  it made me think...and gave me a better understanding of my struggles with being submissive. Allowing me to see what it is to be submissive in a whole new light; the acceptance and growth in which it takes with the struggles that come along with not having the guidance of a good Dominant.

I think I question myself way to much, instead of accepting it for what is. I also forget that to be submissive you need someone to submit to. So of course I feel less submissive, of course I feel as if I am losing what I just found in myself. For I have just recently accepted my submissive, just recently learned to embraced what has been locked up for so long.

But for it to flourish and grow I need to feel the control...need to give in, to give too. Yet  none is  there at this time and I suppose I have to regress, I have to because it takes two to make  TTWD work.

I am a learning, and everyday come to a new understanding a new knowledge and am  so grateful for all the bloggers that give so much insight. For a newbie it is very comforting. 

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