February 22, 2013

Foolish Girl or Just Plain Fun?

I am a glutton for punishment...a true masochist in every sense,  I shake my head at myself and say girl why do  you do the things you do?...and after doing that I still do what I want.

I have been talking to a man who is in a poly relationship with his wife, *asks one self why* I think my love to experience all the craziness that life has to offer, or I am the biggest commitment phob out there, i will go with the latter.

And yes it has been more then consider, with a date being set up.

Oh me, oh my...all I can do is laugh at my foolishness, I so do embrace my foolishness with my foolish pride.

I am very excited to meet him, we have a lot in common. Both having a strong interest in art, we both love the same kind of music, he loves being out in nature, very honest, very fourth coming...we have both put a lot of are rubbish on the table, and both having an understanding of that rubbish. We both have a dark side, both are understanding and non judgemental. He is interested in exploring his more Dominate side,(this is something his wife has no interest in at all) and well, as a sub that naturally integers me. Now that aspect of him or I was not brought up till we decided to set up a date.

Also this kinda set up allows me to play Dom with the other guy I met...I am really thinking it could be lots of fun.

I feel good about both, but I will only know with meeting up and time.

This shall be fun, if not fun it shall be interesting.


  1. It goes without saying, be safe and hell, enjoy it!

  2. I love it! I want the same things - to enjoy everything in the palette of life, to indulge in my wildest fantasies, to have no regrets when all is said and done. Yet you are actually living it! Can't wait to hear about all of it.

    love, squirrel

    1. I have and then some squirrel....but there are the downs, and consequences that go along with it.

      And I will tell...I do like story's and even better to apart of them lol

  3. Okay I just have to say this first- let someone know where you will be and with who. Do not play with him until you know him better and trust him, do not let him talk you into anything you feel uncomfortable with and if anything seems off trust your instincts. Now that I've given the safety lecture, relax and enjoy your self.

    1. Thank you Mrs. D

      No play on the first date :( *giggles* I will be a good girl...I will try...I will, oh hell, that is were I am heading lol

      I always let the fam know where I am, lucky for me they do not ask more than they really need to know... I am the worlds worse liar. lol

      Yes, yes and yes...my 6th sense is intake...I only doubt when it is a positive towards another.

      Thank you Mrs. D